Press Release: The way forward in Afghanistan

By Jessie Schirrick Posted March 10, 2012

In a press release from the White House today, President Obama’s Afghanistan plan speech from December 1, 2009, was addressed in order to view what of the “plan” has actually been accomplished.

The first priority, of course, was to prevent and annihilate the efforts made by Al-Qaeda to harm the people of their own country as well ours. A way our troops completed this mission was by killing 20 out of 30 of Al-Qaeda’s top leaders. Removing much of the threat the terrorist group had imposed on our country.

The President also stated that he wanted to be able to begin removing troops by July 2011, this process began on July 22, 2011. Although he sent 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan during this time as well, he said they should be ready to leave by the summer of 2012.

Another goal the President had in mind as part of his plan included readying Afghanistan to be able to take over and rule their country with equal rights for women and without constant chaos. It cannot be confirmed that this goal has been completely obtained, but it is hoped that it will in fact be obtained by the time the troops are ready to be sent back home.

The President also expected to have trained the Afghan troops successfully with little conflict, besides the incident that ended up with seven American troops dead, this goal is well underway, considering the US has trained 100,000 Afghan National Security Forces

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