Prom is dancing right around the corner

Prom is dancing right around the corner

By Alexis Galarza  Posted March 18, 2024

Over the years, Lowry has always put on a junior and senior prom. Prom is usually sometime in early May or late April. Every year, the junior class officers and the junior class advisors pick a theme. This year from will be held April 27. 

This year the juniors are working on the theme “Rapunzel”. With the support of Ms. Cherese Fifeild and Ms. Laura Mercado, the junior class officers order supplies online and help put them together. 

Both the officers and advisors have to put countless hours outside of school to ensure that prom is a success. Alia Novi was one of the junior class officers last year. 

“My favorite part was putting everything together the week before and getting to see the finished product,” said Novi. 

However, putting together prom is not an easy task. 

“We would get together once a week before Christmas break to start getting stuff done and do all the tedious stuff like spray painting and putting together masks, said Novi. 

Vanessa Lott, a current junior class officer claims they are in the process of putting everything together. 

“We are doing a lot of prepping and we have started ordering materials and planning things with our advisors,” said Lott. 

They also have to work outside of school. 

“We work a lot outside of school to make sure that everything will work out perfectly, we also communicate a lot so we’re all on the same page,” said Lott.

Tickets will be sold online this year through