Putting an end to the end of the world theory

By Weston Irons Posted December 12, 2012

December 21, 2012: The day many people believe the world will come to an end. Apparently, Hollywood can make a movie about the end of the world and it is suddenly thought true by more people than what seems possible. This strange idea needs to be put to rest.

The Mayan ancient calendar, which is inscribed in stone, ends on December 21, 2012. When these were found, people began panicking about how the world would officially end in December. Since then more Mayan calendars have been found that go on for much longer than 2012. Yet this lie is still believed by many. This theory of the end of the world isn’t convincing for several reasons.

The end of the world has already been incorrectly predicted multiple times. In fact, in just the last twelve years, 27 false predictions have been made, the latest being May 27, 2012. So why do people believe the world will end this time? I have absolutely no clue.

Some of the “End of the world” enthusiasts seem like they actually want the world and their lives to end. Again this makes no sense to me.

Some events of the coming “end of the world” include an alien invasion, a zombie apocalypse, a large supernova destroying the earth, nuclear war, and more. These events are highly unlikely and absurd. Even the Mayans themselves said that none of these events are possible.

Although I have my opinion on the end of the world. Students at Lowry have their own ideas about this theory.

“The world will end when Chuck Norris decides it will end,” said freshman Gavin Swanson.

“I’m not sure if the world will end or not, I’m not a psychic,” is sophomore Austin Jenkin’s response to the end of the world.

Do you really believe the end is near or are you simply going along with what the media says? If you’re not sure what you think of this, don’t worry about it. In nine days’ time, the Earth will still be intact and we’ll still be alive. Eventually, your life will end. Whether it’s because of the end of the world or death. Enjoy life while you have it.