Lowry Then and Now~Mrs. Ludlow

By Leticia Gomez Posted December 12, 2012

Since 1993 Lowry has changed dramatically, and one teacher gives some insight into how much change she has witnessed.

Technology is one of the biggest changes Mrs. Lynn Ludlow has seen so far.

“The biggest change I have seen at Lowry in the past 20 years of being here is the rise of technology. When I started working here pencils, pens, and typewriters were the common tools in the classroom. I even remember the first computer I had in my classroom. It freaked me out because I was afraid I was going to break it,” said Ludlow.

Students have changed, but the biggest change is the way we think and act.

“I have always loved the students at Lowry, and I still do, but they don’t interact with us teachers as much. Teachers and students have always had their differences and I don’t see much change there. Kids are more bored than they use to be. Getting an education is not essential to some kids. Not as much as it used to be. And the students seem so unsure of where they want to go after high school. They don’t know what path they are going to take. Also, the way they talk, the F-word is used so casually now,” stated Ludlow.

Ludlow also seems to think that students don’t get involved as much.

“School spirit was always seen at Lowry and now there are some apathetic kids who don’t want to be seen doing anything school-related,” Ludlow said.

Another change is the way students dress.

“The kids’ clothing has gone from super baggy pants and belly-barring shirts to skin-tight pants that look as if they were applied while lying down. I enjoy seeing the cute clothing and bright shoes some girls wear,” said Ludlow.

Lowry has most definitely had its changes over the years. Thanks to Mrs. Ludlow we know of a few.