Rad & Tatted

By Kaity Sample Posted June 4, 2014

Marking your body with something permanent can make or break you. I’m not one to say what you do to your body, but one bad choice and you could forever regret it.

Tattoos are a controversial topic. Many people will judge those who have them, but ultimately, tattoos can be beautiful and share a story. Let’s be honest tattoos are pretty rad. Sleeves are a great example; they put together pieces of life and who you truly are in one big masterpiece. Vibrant colors can really make a tattoo pop. A basic black-and-white tattoo can be just as magnificent as well. Although getting an infinity sign or the typical “mom” in a heart tattoo seems tempting, don’t, be unique. Tattoos are really just a personal preference that you have to decide if you really want it or not. No shame in getting something to remind you of what life is really about. Plus, most of that “tatted” population is actually some of the nicest people you will ever meet. Most everyone with a tattoo knows how to have a good time.

Even the teachers at Lowry have some pretty cool ink. Take Mr. Cabatbat for example, his quarter sleeve tattoo is awesome and can relate him back to his roots of home. Mr. Cabatbat’s ink is just one prime example of beautiful, body artwork. Just a word of advice, never, ever, in a million years get a cartoon character or something hideous like that just because it’s “cute”. It ruins the true beauty of tattoos.

Often when tattoos are brought up, people think of piercings. Piercings are big in the tattoo subject because they fall into the same category. Some piercings are cool on girls. But no offense to the guys, don’t get pierced. Some guys can pull off an earring but for the most part, keep it old-fashioned and simple. The same goes for girls though. If Lowry does get the metal detectors next year, nobody wants to stand in line while you take off all your metal. A few piercings in the ear and maybe the belly button are pretty common but don’t make a scene.

Tattoos and piercings are big decisions in life so be smart, and don’t ruin the body you have because you only get one.