Randy Patterson keeps it light in Honors English II

Randy Patterson keeps it light in Honors English II

By Cynthia Ruiz Posted October 25, 2023

Randy Patterson was chosen by Ms. Marie-Jeanne Dawson as Student of the Week as an Honors English II student for his incredible sense of humor that lightens up the classroom.

In class, Patterson has a strong work ethic, motivates, and helps other students participate. He always comes into class ready to learn and stays on top of work by completing his assignments.

“He does his work well,” said Dawson.”He has a good work ethic, he completes his work, and he came in with a bunch of kids that have already been together for one year, and so you know that’s hard for kids to do.”

Dawson was proud to say that Patterson always completes his work and keeps other students engaged.

“So he just came in and was like part of the class,” said Dawson.

Patterson was speechless at first on being chosen for Honors English as he thought it was one of the easiest classes to attend.

“Pretty cool I guess, I mean it’s kinda nice that I’m the Student of the Week for the first time ever,” said Patterson.