Carmen Anthony JV Cheer Athlete of the Week 

Carmen Anthony JV Cheer Athlete of the Week 

By Shayne Hampton Posted November 6, 2023

Carmen Anthony has been chosen for Athlete of the Week by the JV cheer coach Amanda Ponce.

“She always arrives to practice and games ready to work hard with a good attitude,” Ponce said. “She is our only Freshman on the team this year but doesn’t let that stop her from giving advice to others. She’s always willing to try and doesn’t give up easily.”

Coach Ponce is delighted to have Anthony on the cheer team, proud of her helping others despite her age. 

“I’ve been cheerleading since I was a child and it was always something I’ve enjoyed doing,” Anthony said. “I love learning new things about cheerleading, especially the new stunts I get to try out.” 

Anthony is happy to be on the cheer team, and excited to learn more and help her peers. However, being the only freshman on the varsity cheer team doesn’t deter her determination to learn all she can.