Reminiscing about preschool days

By Melanie Rynearson Posted June 4, 2014

Remember back when our grades were stickers and we only had coloring pages for homework? Those were the days of simplicity and nobody was ever stressed over the big project due next week because no big projects existed. Do you ever wish you could just go back to those days and be a little kid again?

Being a kid was so much simpler and a lot more fun. Being a teenager is very stressful. Keeping track of seven classes and the homework assigned in each is difficult; not to mention trying to balance extracurricular activities on top of everything else, pretty stressful right? Wouldn’t it be cool to go back to the days when the only things we had to carry in our bags were a folder, some crayons, and our daily snack instead of ten-pound books and binders?

A nap every day; those were the days. Having naptime could actually greatly benefit us, we would wake up refreshed and ready to learn and we wouldn’t be so crabby.

When we were young, everyone was friends with each other and there was no drama. Now everyone has their own little group and if someone from another group looks at you the wrong way, it’s like World War III is about to commence.

Being a kid was so much more carefree than being a teenager.