Review: ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2’

By Omar Guerrero  Posted January 5, 2013

I recently saw “Breaking Dawn Part 2”. “Twilight” is a huge film series and has had a lot of attention. You take your side, either you like it or you don’t. Team Jacob or team Edward.

This last film put all those undecided thoughts to rest. With all the movie critics bagging on “Twilight” they can be happy it’s over. For the fans though, it has been great to see this film series evolve and end in the best possible way. If you haven’t seen the movie yet you can expect Bella’s new baby, passionate love scenes, and a final battle that had your mind in a huge twist.

In the first half of the movie Bella was shown as a vampire with special vampire powers and for the first time was able to see her baby who was kept safe by Jacob, a natural nurturer. Everything was going great then they got word the Volturi were coming for baby Renesmee. This was a big problem so the good vampires spread across the world looking for friends to help them convince the Volturi that this baby was not immortal and could not cause harm. They were able to get a good number of allies.

The Voluturi moved quickly and arrived once the snow stuck to the ground. Both sides met on the battlefield and Rosalie Hale shows the leader of the Volturi what would happen if they were a fight. Then they play the picture and a lot of people die and the good Vampires and Werewolves win but it was just a flash of what would happen but it made you think this event took place in real life. The Volturi leave and everyone is like they were prior to the Volturi’s arrival.

At the end the movie they show Bella and Edward in a flowery pasture kissing and loving one another. Then Bella plays images in Edward’s head of their life together and the says, “No ones ever loved you as much as I love you.”

That was a great way to end a movie and a series. Go see this movie, it will be coming out soon on DVD.