Review: ‘Silver Linings Playbook’

By Carly Bell  Posted May 15, 2013

If you caught your spouse cheating on you, would go a little crazy?

That’s what happens to the main character, Pat (Bradley Cooper). After almost beating his wife’s boyfriend to death he is sentenced to a mental institution. When he is released he returns to the unstable environment of his parents’ home.

His father (Robert DeNiro) is borderline OCD with his superstitions involving the New York Jets and he is also a bookie. His mother encourages the behavior by accepting it. Pat is around all of the same people he was with prior to getting in trouble. He thinks he can get back with his wife if he proves he is better mentally by going to therapy and taking his medication and physically by working out.

He meets Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence) at dinner with a friend. Tiffany’s husband recently died and she is recovering from the loss but not well and has her own emotional issues.

The two of them make deal in which Tiffany will give Pat’s wife a letter if he would be her partner in a dance competition.

The story develops from there, but I don’t want to give away the ending. Since it is kind of a romance and kind of a comedy it has something for everyone. The plot has several more twists at the end based around the dance competition and the interaction between the characters.

It’s weird, crazy, and confusing…so much so that I can’t tell if I love this movie or don’t. This is not a first date movie or any date for that matter. It’s an awkward movie for everyone, but unforgettable for that reason.