School Board discusses funds from bond issue

By Mary Granath Posted November 25, 2009

The Humboldt County School District Board of Trustees held a meeting on November 10. Many members were in attendance including the President of the board- Shelly Noble and Clerks- John Seeliger, Kris Stewart, Ann Miller, John Hill, Boyd Betteridge, and Andrew Hillyer.

After the pledge of allegiance, President Noble read a note from Lowry Stagecraft and Drama thanking the Board for the opportunity to perform a children’s play within the community.

Discussion then commenced on what to do with the leftover money from the bond that was passed in November in order to give schools more money. There is a surplus of $152,859 dollars and there were numerous ideas of what to do with it. Some people suggested that the money be used to build separate bathrooms for the girls and boys and Winnemucca Grammar School. A different idea was to clean up the asbestos underneath Sonoma Heights.

Sally Hall retired and it appears that it’s having a large impression on the School District.

The next meeting will be held 11-24-09.

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