Should freshmen play on varsity?

By Kaity Sample Posted December 18, 2013

Being a freshman on a varsity team could be, perhaps, one of the greatest feelings as a student-athlete. Props to those who really do deserve to be on the team, actually earning their spot on varsity. But here in Winnemucca we often hear the same last name over and over. Although that feeling of greatness is in the mindset of the athlete, it may not be the best choice as a coach.

Freshmen are very new to high school and they are still learning how things and people go about at this more mature level. The variety of competition that is played at the varsity level is way different and more competitive than the level played at junior high and middle school. Most freshmen athletes are inexperienced and immature. Not only are freshmen not prepared to be playing at this level, but think of all the upperclassmen that will get cut because the newbie came in and stole the spotlight. For upperclassmen athletes, part of the glory is being their first year on varsity and playing against the top athletes at other schools.

Some freshmen mature at an early age and truly are made to go pro. But, unless you have a Cam Newton or Peyton Manning, let them get some playing time on the freshman or even on a JV team.