Six TV shows that shouldn’t have been canceled

By Mary Granath Posted February 10, 2010

“Samantha Who”
Christina Applegate shined as the title role in this ABC comedy that revolved around a recovering amnesiac. True this show could only go on for so long until Samantha began to remember more and more about her old life, but canceling the show after the second season left a vast amount of untapped potential.

“Battlestar Galactica”
The creators of this SciFi show made one mistake, having a timetable. From the start of the show, writers and directors agreed that it would last only for four seasons. Despite pleading from desperate fans, when the fourth season arrived the show went out with a bang, but still didn’t quite satisfy the viewers. With more time Battlestar Galactica could have had the ending it deserved.

“Pushing Daisies”
This ABC series, which lasted only two seasons, was one of the first entertaining shows that ABC has put on the air for years. Ned, a small-town baker who possesses the power to bring dead things back to life and then kill them again with a brush of his finger, accidentally touches his childhood sweet-heart infusing her with life. From then on, she becomes his sidekick as he investigates murders to earn a little cash on the side. “Daisies”, which was canceled in June 2009, was a breath of fresh air for the usual unimaginative show that is aired on TV.

“The O.C.”
Set in Orange County, California, this show embodied every teenager’s dream life. After the Cohen family takes in a homeless teenager, Ryan, he must learn the ropes of living in high society. In season 3, Fox made the biggest folly in the history of TV by killing off a favorite character on the series. From then on the show’s ratings, as well as the quality of episodes, dropped tremendously. If the O.C. hadn’t killed Marissa, perhaps the show wouldn’t have died along with her.

“Dirty Sexy Money”
After his father dies, Nick George takes over the family business… which is literally the Darling family. Technically, Nick is their lawyer, but over time becomes evident that he is more of a babysitter than anything else. ABC canceled the series after two seasons because of its low ratings. However, if given more time, ‘Money’ could have become much more popular.

One of the first takes on space cowboy life, ‘Firefly’ was Fox’s first venture into the SciFi world, a venture that would have ended extremely successfully if Fox had given it the chance. Although “Firefly” was given somewhat of a series finale in the form of the movie “Serenity”, it was nowhere near the ending it deserved.

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