Social media is damaging our perception

Social media is damaging our perception

By Itzel Reyes Posted March 10, 2023

Social Media has grown so much in recent years, and some might say it is one of their favorite things. Although it can be fun, having it be free to post on and share ideas can bring tons of negative stigma worldwide. Although there is plenty of positive stigmas as well, a lot of the time, they get overpowered by all of that other negativity.

As a kid in high school, so many people are affected negatively by content found on social media, and barely any realize how much it really is affecting them. Social media can be amusing and entertaining but at the same time, it can make people think about or worry over things that they should not have to be bothered about.

For example, the way thousands of individuals see themselves has been affecting people worldwide. Social media has the capability to reach all audiences, and many things get interpreted in the wrong way, causing other ideas to surface. For example, the internet’s “beauty standard” has negatively spread, pushing many women and men of all ages to feel like they have to be certain attributes or certain features just to fit in, or feel accepted. Without social media, this idea of a standard would not have spread the way it has. Although a lot of people do not realize how much social media can affect someone, it truly is an issue that occurs.

There are times when social media can be enjoyable, or even helpful, however, there is so much space for the negativity that overpowers all of the positivity that should be there. Having all that space filled with negative ideas gives us more reason to leave social media. You don’t necessarily have to quit social media, but most people have taken breaks from social media before. You’ll know how refreshing it can be if you’ve done so too.

There have been numerous studies that show the relationship between social media and mental health issues. According to, “…multiple studies have shown a strong link between heavy social media and an increased risk for depression, anxiety, loneliness, self hard, and even suicidal thoughts,”.

Leaving, taking a break, or just limiting time on social media gives many people a pause from a lot of the negativity and strain it can bring with it and can be very beneficial for one’s mental health.