Steroids may keep Barry Bonds out of Hall of Fame

By Mickey Donovan Posted December 7, 2012

In the latest polls, people believe that Barry Bonds should not get elected into the National Baseball Hall of Fame because he took part in performance-enhancing drugs. I believe that Barry Bonds should get elected into the Hall of Fame.

 Little do people know that Barry Bonds did not take steroids his entire baseball career. Professional writers pinpointed the date when Bonds started using steroids in the season of 1998. Although Bonds’ stats increased dramatically, he was still a spectacular player before he started using steroids.

Before the 1998 season Bonds was a 7-time National League All-Star, and 3-time National League MVP, earned 8 Golden Glove awards, and 7 Silver Slugger awards, not to mention he was the 1996 Home Run Derby champion. Bonds was a first-round (6th pick) draft pick of the 1982 MLB draft. Bonds played for the Pittsburgh Pirates for seven years and moved on to the San Francisco Giants for fifteen years.

On August 7, 2007, Bonds broke the MLB record for most career home runs with a whopping 756 home runs. Barry Bonds should not be remembered for this, without performance-enhancing drugs he most likely would not have achieved this. He should be remembered for his seven total national league MVPs or his 12 Silver Slugger Awards and so on. People just assume that because he took steroids he must have been “cheating” his whole career. Barry Bonds does deserve to get elected into the Hall of Fame.