Stingy defense by Junior-Sophomore team dominates Powderpuff

Stingy defense by Junior-Sophomore team dominates Powderpuff

By Justin Albright Posted October 3, 2012

On September 24, Lowry hosted its annual Powderpuff game, and it didn’t disappoint.

As usual, the game featured multiple hard hits and some feisty tempers. The juniors and sophomores pulled out the grueling victory over the freshmen and seniors, 12-0.

Shelby Mckinnon and Ereanna Higbee scored the only touchdowns in the game.

“I thought it was one of the cleanest games I’ve been a part of in my three years of playing so far,” said Higbee.

From the beginning of the game, the juniors set the tone as they didn’t let anybody get in their way. Jaecee Munger destroyed everyone in her path when the ball was in her hands.

The junior and sophomore defense was suffocating as the seniors and freshmen didn’t get the ball past midfield until midway through the second half. The seniors and freshmen had trouble keeping their tempers in check, which led to multiple arguments between the teams.

“Our defense was ridiculously good, they only got two first downs the whole game,” said Higbee.

The halftime royalty of Powderpuff was entertaining and caused an immense amount of laughs among the people in the crowd. The candidates this year were: Erik Francis and Lexie Coleman, Allison Barron and Dain Maher, and Lane Mentaberry and Chloe Yates. Allison Barron was awarded the Powderpuff king, and Erik Francis earned the honor of queen.

When all the fun festivities of halftime were over, the juniors and sophomores went back to work, as Taylor Schwartz stopped all senior and freshman momentum with an interception return, which led to a Higbee touchdown.

“It felt really good to get my first career Powderpuff win, it was definitely due,” said Higbee.

After the Higbee touchdown, the only entertainment for the rest of the game was all the hard hits that the juniors laid on the seniors and freshmen to show that the junior class is here to stay.