Lowry welcomes new teachers for 2012-13

Lowry welcomes new teachers for 2012-13

By Jessie Schirrick Posted October 3, 2012

Teachers. They’re what makes this school so prestigious and academically advanced. They are the backbone of Lowry, the foundation of our futures, and they do a great job at preparing us for the rest of our lives. On that note, it’s time to salute some of the new staff members that our joining us this year in making Lowry the best it can be.

Born in Seattle Washington, and raised in Buckley Washington, Mr. Randall Daniels is the new math teacher. He attended college at Central Washington University and before this year he was working as a substitute in Washington.

“I decided to become a teacher because I feel that my attitude about math is worth spreading,” said Daniels.

He teaches Algebra I and Geometry, his favorite is the latter of the two. Daniels’ hope for the future is to teach calculus, because ‘it’s the most fun.’ He’s enjoying his time at Lowry, especially with homecoming activities such as Powderpuff and He-man.

Born and raised in Fort Collins Colorado, Mrs. Shelby Ruff is married and a former substitute. She attended college at the Colorado School of Mines where she gained her experience in Biology, Physics, and Chemistry.

“I love science, I love sharing that for people and it’s great for me to see when you all get it,” said Ruff.

She teaches Introductory Chemistry and Chemistry I. Ruff says that she’s been having a good time at Lowry.

Born and raised in Seattle Washington, Mrs. Kimberly Brooks is a wife and proud mother of three children. She attended college at Great Basin Community College where she earned her endorsement in Special Education, however, Brooks is working as a long-term substitute for Algebra I and Algebra II. She previously spent her time in the Career Center helping upperclassmen apply for scholarships and prepare their college plans.

Born in La Mirada California and raised in the central valley, Mrs. Leanne Peters is married with two children. She began schooling in Carson City and finished here at Great Basin Community College. Peters is helping with the CLS classes at Lowry such as Math, Reading, Life Skills, Community Based Instruction, and Job Skills. Her favorite is her Social Thinking class though.

“I love the students I’m working with,” said Peters.

Lynette Whalen is not very “new” to teaching per say, she spent many years working at the Junior High School, and before that she was teaching college classes in California. At Lowry she is helping to teach with Special education.

“I like to tell people that I finally graduated to High School,” said Whalen.