Student-Athlete of the Week Jacob Chadwell: A tough player to lose

Student-Athlete of the Week Jacob Chadwell: A tough player to lose

By Danielle Scott Posted January 25, 2024

This year’s freshman boy’s basketball has started the season with spirit however one of their teammates exceeded expectations in this field. Coach Brandon Eastman chose Jacob Chadwell as his student-athlete of the week for many reasons.

“He just came in every day and worked hard, you could tell he wanted to learn more about the game,” said Eastman.

Chadwell has worked hard to improve his skills and also on helping to cheer on his team to further improve their skills.

“He came a long way in his basketball ability as a student but also as a leader,” said Eastman. “He worked hard on things he knew he could get better at and he just improved a lot in many of his different skills.”

Jacob Chadwell defends the key against a point guard. /Juliana Blatzheim • The Brand

Having a teammate who can run the court and play smart has a positive impact on everyone’s game.

“Our team chemistry has improved a lot and individually I have got better at every part of playing the post position,” said Chadwell.

Chadwell feels like his team was in a sense his family and enjoyed getting to work with them.

“My favorite part of the season has just been spending time with the team and I just love playing basketball,” said Chadwell.