Student-Athlete of the Week: Kianna Head

Student-Athlete of the Week: Kianna Head

By Itzel Reyes Posted March 29, 2023

With track, and other spring sports in progress, student-athletes have already set a name for themselves because of their skills. Tyrell Lucas, the girls’ track coach, decided on Kianna Head for this week’s Student-Athlete of the Week. 

“She showed that she has a lot of potential,” said coach Lucas. “If she sticks with it, the ceiling as to what she can accomplish is pretty high, so I’m really excited about her being in track this year.”

With such praise and compliments, Kianna is ready to show how much room and excitement she has to grow as an athlete.

“Although the season just started, it’s already off to a great start,” said Head. “I’m proud of what I’ve already done and excited to spend and enjoy more time with my teammates.”

Having such a great start to the season already, athletes have the perfect chance to grow as much as it is said they can and truly make this season one to remember with all the support from students, coaches, and teammates.