Evangeline Morgan; Student-Athlete of the Week for swim

Evangeline Morgan; Student-Athlete of the Week for swim

By Emily Valdez Posted March 30, 2023

Sophomore Evangeline Morgan or better known as Evie is the Student-Athlete of the Week for swim. Chosen by coach Cassandra Jenkins for her positive and hardworking attitude.

“Evie has shown so much growth already this season and works so very hard every practice,” said Jenkins. “Her dedication to the team is second to none and serves as a great role model for our new team members as well as the returning team members. She is always smiling and even when struggling holds a positive demeanor.”

Morgan has been a part of swim for five years now and feels excited about her title.

“I feel excited to be Athlete of the Week since I’ve been working hard,” said Morgan.

Morgan obtains her motivation for swimming from her desire to improve.

“My motivation for swimming is to be able to improve every time I’m at practice,” said Morgan.

Morgan’s favorite strokes are the breaststroke and freestyle. Morgan also loves that she is a part of the team and swimming’s therapeutic ways.

“My favorite part of swimming is being able to be part of a team and how calming swim is for me,” said Morgan.

Morgan’s routine to prepare before a swim meet is warming up and getting her motivation from her tunes.

“Before a swim meet I usually warm up and listen to music to get me motivated,” said Morgan.

Morgan plans to continue swimming collegiately.

“My plans for the future are to hopefully keep up swimming throughout my college years,” said Morgan.