Student Profile: Aimee’ Aitken

Student Profile: Aimee’ Aitken

By Stephanie Hageman Posted December 8, 2008

The Brand: What’s your name?

Aimee’: Aimee’ Aitken

TB: What grade are you in?

AA: Senior

TB: Tell us about your family

AA: I have two sisters, Julia is in fifth grade and Katelyn is a freshman. My mom, Cheryl is a secretary at Lowry and my dad works at Cyanco and is a volunteer EMT.

TB: Have you ever lived anywhere else?

AA: No

TB: What is your favorite class? Why?

AA: Study hall, because I get my homework done

TB: Who is your favorite teacher? Why?

AA: Mrs. Flanders, because she has helped me through all my years of high school

TB: Do you have a job? Where?

AA: I work at Arby’s

TB: Do you like it?

AA: It’s okay, I get paid

TB: Why do you work?

AA: So I can afford gas, my car, and pay my cell phone bill

TB: Are you involved in any extracurricular activities?

AA: No

TB: What are your hobbies?

AA: Shopping, hanging out with friends, texting and chatting on the computer.

TB: What are your Interests (music, books, TV, sports, movies, etc)?

AA: I listen to any type of music except country and oldies. My favorite movies are Dirty Dancing and Prom Night

TB: What are your post graduate plans or goals?

AA: Graduate high school and go to UNR to be a special ed teacher.

TB: How do you think the high school could be better?

AA: Without the drama

TB: Do you have any pet peeves? What are they?

AA: People who sing out loud that think they have a good voice

TB: What is the most important thing in your life?

AA: My friends and my family

TB: What scares you? Why?

AA: Going into the real world after high school, because I’m scared I won’t be able to support myself and afford college.

TB: Have your traveled anywhere? Do you like traveling?

AA: Sometimes I like traveling; I’ve been to Texas, Six Flags and Yellowstone.

TB: What was your most embarrassing moment?

AA: I was walking on the ice to class with my friend, wearing high heels. I slipped and fell right on my butt.

TB: What are you most proud of?

AA: That I’m a senior, this is my last year and I get to graduate with my friends.

TB: What are you passionate about?

AA: I’m passionate about Tinkerbell and fairies

TB: Who are your role Models? 

AA: My mom because she has helped me through my years of school

TB: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

AA: Rich and famous

TB: What advice would you give to others about high school?

AA: Keep your grades up, ignore all the drama and do your best through high school.

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