Student Profile: Alex Schumacher

Student Profile: Alex Schumacher

By Esmeralda Aguilar Posted November 6, 2008

Alex Schumacher, a junior here at Lowry, is one of the most original students of his class. He moved here from Oroville, Washington and has lived in Winnemucca for eight years.

Schumacher commented, “Winnemucca is like an apple and Oroville is like a peach; one is juicier than the other.”

Despite his dislike of the town, Schumacher has managed to find some entertainment. He currently holds a job at Park Cinemas Theater where he works for the money, free food, and movies; and exclaimed, “I love it.”

At Lowry, Schumacher plays golf, is in percussion, and runs in cross country. Cross Country is something he is highly passionate about, along with his grades.

Schumacher is most proud of his hair and winning the Cross Country State Championship. Besides that, he enjoys sleeping, eating, snowboarding, long walks on the beach, and “the occasional roasting of chestnuts by the fire.”

His favorite show is “The Office” and his favorite movie is “Transformers”. Schumacher fears girls who are under eighteen that drive because he feels they threaten the nature of Winnemucca.

In ten years Schumacher hopes to move out of his bachelor pad (which he assumes he will be living in) and be holding a degree in biomedical engineering. He sees his family as the most important thing in his life.

Steven Colbert and Steve Prefontaine are his role models because, “Perfontaine has a nice ‘stash and chops, and Colbert protects us against bears.”

Someday, Schumacher hopes to see the school acquire voice-activated vending machines that give away free things and an extended lunch break. Schumacher concluded with, “Don’t eat the gum on the walls, join Cross Country, and no loitering.” 

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