Students of the Month-September

By Bryan Cholico Posted October 3, 2006

Each month a teacher nominates a student for Student of the Month here at Lowry. One student out of each of the four classes is represented with this honor. This month’s Students of the Month are freshmen Lacy Villarreal, sophomore Beatrice Brumley, junior Angela Vesco, and senior Austin Mayo.

Lacy Villarreal was picked as the Student of the Month because she is a very motivated person. She even has her Honors Diploma planned out, and her attitude is a positive one.

Beatrice Brumley earned this award because she is a great student. Setting positive examples is what makes her great. She has a good attitude towards learning and displays emotional stability & self-control.

Angela Vesco deserved this honor for being a great role model and leader. Angela lends helping hands. She is responsible

By getting important duties done. She also sets positive examples.

Last but not least is the senior Austin Mayo. He has good confrontational skills. He acts in an adult manner and manages situations very well. For this, Austin has earned the respect of many people.

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