‘The Brand’ is open for business

‘The Brand’ is open for business

By Jessie Schirrick Posted September 10, 2012

The school newspaper is up and running again and the staff are looking forward to a good year.

There are 14 reporters this year and many are fresh faces to The Brand. The staff includes Justin Albright, Carly Bell, Mickey Donovan, Marcos Duran-Salcedo, Jolyn Garcia, Leticia Gomez, Brody Goucher, Omar Guerrero, Weston Irons, Taylor LaTray, Wyatt Lester, Rylee Mathis, Jessie Schirrick, and Josh Shaver.

The print dates are October 3, December 12, February 13, April 27, and May 29.

“I am excited for my first year of taking part in the newspaper,” said Carly Bell.