The importance of attractiveness in society

By Aexa Toscano Posted March 4, 2022

When you think of the major influencers, what do they all have in common? They are all beautiful. But what constitutes beauty? For many, beauty is what they see online, whether it’s from a catalog to their favorite influencer or even “perfect” people from their school that they see.

The effect of social media has an impact on how both children and adults view their own appearance. Some may even do anything and everything in their power to look as attractive as the people who are labeled as “attractive”. What if the influencers don’t want all the attention on their beauty? What if they want people to watch their content because they have a cause? Many influencers or role models are known for the stereotype of their beauty, but not what they promote.

Many people think that promoting how extremely attractive they are does not affect others. However, that is not at all true. Some influencers do not realize that people of all ages have access to what they post and promote. Kids and sometimes even adults do not realize that not everything about their favorite influencer might not be all-natural. Many use the power of makeup or excessive diets and promote this which then leads others to adopt unhealthy habits.

Facebook’s own studies of the effects of using Instragram on young people found that they experienced harmful effects. These documents were obtained and reported last year in The Wall Street Journal. Teenage girls were more likely to be negatively affected especially since Instagram focuses on body image and lifestyles.

Unfortunately, even though sometimes they do not intend to promote unhealthy behaviors or habits they do. The amount of Photoshop used gives teenagers the complex that they are abnormal. That then leads to insecurities and unhealthy habits. Although it affects both teenagers and adults sometimes it is the influencer both male and female who are affected. Many will change their own appearance in order to be accepted as a part of the beauty society.

The importance of attractiveness in our society has become a major part of how others view themselves. Either it means changing their appearance or the way they act. This is the result of people telling others that they are not “beautiful” enough to contribute to our society.