The place to be during winter time

By Nick Petty Posted December 20, 2016

During these cold hectic holidays, you have two options. Fun in the sun, or ski in the freeze. The best places to be in the winter time are those two things. Going somewhere warm like maybe the Bahamas for the holidays would be fun, but then again you would miss out on all the snowy activities.

In Winnemucca, there definitely is not very much to do at all. Eva Acevedo stays in town during the holidays and explains what she does throughout the month.

“My family and I like to stay in town at my aunt’s house and make a lot of tamales and make a mexican drink called ‘atole’. We then come home and decorate for Christmas when Christmas eve draws near,” said Acevedo.

The place to be if you want to have some real winter fun for a holiday getaway would be to chill at Lake Tahoe.

Lake Tahoe is roughly a 4-5 hour drive from Winnemucca. From the glittering lake resorts to the snowy mountains, the best family holiday getaway is waiting for you. The menu of activities to keep you, family, and friends busy is endless.

Skiing is a popular winter activity which is especially fun at Tahoe’s ski towers. A popular place to go sledding is just outside of Tahoe City, a place known as Mt. Rose. The snow gets especially thick up on that mountain side which makes sledding a blast.

At the end of the day, a nice dinner is a necessity. Tahoe provides a variety of places to eat, from fast foods to fine dine. The most popular and affordable place to eat are the casinos. And finally, once the day has been fulfilled, it is time to go back to the resort treat yourself to the indoor pools, sauna, and jacuzzi.