Youtube Review: Rad Portraits

By Aimee Brandon  Posted December 20, 2016

Beth Radloff is a 25-year-old living in Los Angeles making Youtube videos. She has her own channel, “Beth Be Rad” where she posts videos about once a month, but on another channel called “Snarled” she has a weekly segment called “Rad Portraits.” “Snarled” produces five videos a week from five creative women. Viewers can definitely agree that Beth is a creative woman.

On “Rad Portraits” she chooses a person from pop culture, one of her own choosing or one recommended by fans, who she thinks is rad. Then she draws a portrait of them and as she draws them she tells you the person’s history and why she thinks they are rad. The catch is she uses a different method every week.

She is undeniably a creative and amazing artist. She uses anything from paint, to photoshop, to candy, to coffee. One time she drew a portrait without lifting her marker. Her artwork is rad in itself. Beth always had art somewhere in her life. When she realized it was something she wanted to be doing the rest of her life she attended the College of Creative Studies in Detroit and earned her Bachelor in illustration and minor in Critical Theory.

Art was not always Beth’s first choice in life. She grew up studying theatre and music. It was not until her senior year of high school that she drifted toward art, although theatre obviously remained prominent in her life considering her strong presence in the Youtube videos she makes.

But back to her videos, in them she portrays both fictional characters and real people. She has created a portrait of Twenty One Pilots, Michelle Obama, Emma Watson, Frida Kahlo, Khaleesi, Robin Williams, Malala Yousafzai, and many many more. Her descriptions of these people and what they have done with their life is amazing.

When watching her old videos you might see one of your idols or you might come across someone you have never heard of before. When that is the case you get to hear the life story of someone truly “rad” and be inspired by them and by Beth’s art. Probably one of the most amazing Rad Portraits she did was her self portrait. “Rad Portraits” is for anyone who appreciates art or for someone seeking a little life inspiration.