The Super Bowl of Nevada

By Justin Albright Posted November 1, 2011

On October 21, Lowry faced off against the almighty Truckee Wolverines in one of the most highly anticipated games in Lowry history. Unfortunately, Lowry suffered their first loss of the season, 27-12, In front of a very enthusiastic crowd. Truckee was riding a 31 game winning streak into the match-up with the Bucks.

Lowry started the game off with the ball and immediately went three-and-out punting the ball to the Wolverines. On the following play, Truckee was intercepted by Gus Duncan who returned the ball to the 6-yard line giving the bucks excellent field position. But Lowry were stuffed three plays in a row on the 1-yard line. In a very aggressive first quarter, the score was tied 0-0.

Jace Billingsley started the scoring with a 42-yard run, breaking numerous tackles on his way to the end zone. Lowry ended up missing the kick though, leading to a 6-0 lead.

Truckee quickly answered back by marching down the field and scoring on a 12-yard touchdown run, and they also missed their extra point making the game tied at six.

Truckee received the ball to start the second half and a stingy Lowry defense forced them to go 3-and-out. On the following play, Billingsley ran the ball up the middle and was stripped by a Truckee defender giving the Wolverines excellent field position. With the solid field position, Truckee ended up moving the ball down the field and scoring on a 5-yard run, giving them a 13-6 lead. Truckee started the fourth quarter off with the ball on Lowry’s 12-yard line and immediately scored on a 12-yard touchdown pass.

The fourth quarter included an 18-yard touchdown pass by the Wolverines and a 2-yard touchdown run by Jace Billingsley. The Bucks have a shot at redemption Thursday, October 27 with a game at Fallon.

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