The Unwritten rules of Lowry…love the Seniors.

The Unwritten rules of Lowry…love the Seniors.

By Luz Magaña Posted June 8, 2023

Like everything in life, there are rules that need to be followed, while there are other rules that are unintentionally followed. Here at Lowry High School, there are many unwritten rules that are followed by the students. 

One controversial rule at Lowry is the parking spots and people fighting for them. The unwritten rule states that the parking spot you park on the first day of school will be your parking spot for the rest of the year. Although this is the rule that a lot of people follow, as the school year goes on and underclassmen begin to drive, they begin to take people’s parking spots even though they should not park there.

“I think that underclassmen should stay in their place and not take the parking spot of other people when they start driving,” said Jocelynn Ramirez.

Going along with parking at Lowry. There is one thing that makes seniors extremely angry and that would be when underclassmen go and park in the parking lot specifically for seniors. This parking area is a place where seniors earn as they are about to graduate and have successfully made it through their high school career. 

“It can be irritating for seniors because there are three other parking lots with plenty of room to park at,” said Jaylie Blatzheim. 

The best unwritten rule of Lowry High School is about Mr. Corak and his feet. If you see Mr. Corak walking around the school, expect him to be wearing flip-flops. He has severe back problems and the only thing that is able to alleviate his back pain is wearing flip-flops. If you ever see him do not look at his feet, although he has his feet out for everyone to see, you should not look at them under any circumstances. 

“One day we commented on his feet being out and the next day he came back with closed-toe shoes making the whole class feel bad,’’ said Raymond Diaz. “So if you see him don’t make comments in his feet and just let him live”. 

This is an unwritten rule here at Lowry and until Mr. Corak retires for good you will be seeing him and his feet around the school. 

These are some of the unwritten rules of Lowry, although there are more, these are the ones that stick out the most.