Where are They Now? 2022 graduates

Where are They Now? 2022 graduates

By Ludi Canales Posted June 8, 2023

Time flies while you’re having fun, but for the graduating class of 2022, it feels like a long time has passed since then. Before graduating from high school, many students made plans for their future and were highly successful. A positive outlook will always lead you where you want to be, regardless of the job path you decide to take. 

As they prepare for their new lives, the class of 2022 brings with them a sense of optimism and determination. They understand that success requires hard work, dedication, and perseverance. With these qualities, they are sure to achieve great things in life. 

Kadence Cooney is attending college locally at GBC. She is majoring in Elementary Education. In her free time, she is working at HGH.

“I am currently working at HGH as a receptionist. It is pretty fast-paced, but it’s something new and fun,” said Cooney. I actually love working there because of all the patients I get to interact with. I love doing my best to put a smile on people’s faces and hopefully make their day better.”

For Ismael Magaña, life after high school has been a blast.

“I went to trade school for four months which was an amazing experience,” said Magaña. “I found a love for what I do, so I have gotten to a point where work is not just work because I enjoy it. I’m glad I am doing what I am and did choose an extended four-year career.”

Jovi Kuskie is still pursuing her career as a student-athlete at The College of Idaho. Life after high school has been what she expected but different at the same time. 

“I have enjoyed living on my own and being independent however, I miss my parents and family and the small-town aspect of Winnemucca way more than I expected,” said Kuskie. “Overall, life after high school has been so incredible. I have gotten to compete at a collegiate level and even got to experience winning a conference with my team during the cross country season.” 

Like Kuskie, Hannah Whitted is also pursuing her career as a student-athlete. She is playing Division 3 basketball at Finlandia University while meeting new people. 

“As a team, we broke the most school records in a season. I was challenged to play a position that normally I wouldn’t play and it helped benefit our team,” said Whitted. “I’ve made friends from other countries and created friendships that will last a lifetime in such a short amount of time.” 

Lyndsee Dove is taking a different approach to life after high school and not going to college. She is working locally at Brew 95.

“As of right now, I am a barista at Brew 95,” said Dove. “I make fun and specialty drinks while being able to see some of my favorite people every day. It is nice to have a fun and chill job.”

Dove is working hard for herself and has big hopes for the future.

“Life after high school is so much better, especially when you’re not in college,” said Dove. I work as much as I can, make money, pay my bills, then reward myself. In the future, I plan on taking law classes and seeing where that takes me.”