‘The Walking Dead’ opens Season 7 with deaths that shock everyone

By Peyton Capellen, Posted October 27, 2016

Season 7 of the Walking Dead kicked off this Sunday. Last season ended leaving viewers on the edge of their seat forcing them to wait months to see the outcome of what was a gut wrenching scene.

If you haven’t seen previous seasons of the show, now might be the perfect time to start. The show has begun a new chapter in the story so someone who started watching now would not be lost. Also, if you do have uncertainties of anything going on while watching, there is a talk show that follows every episode called the “Talking Dead”. The episode is reviewed and discussed and always features one or two of the stars of the show.

A new villain has emerged that has greatly influenced the plot of the story. While several main characters will no longer be seen in the upcoming shows. Now is a better time than ever to start watching this thriller of a show.

If you love drama, heart pounding action, lots of fighting and gory gut quenching zombies taking knives and crossbows to the head you will love this show. Once you start watching you probably won’t be able to stop. This series grabs the audience’s attention the minute it turns on and keeps it until the show ends an hour later. But be warned the show is known to end on spell check pivotal points leaving you to ponder what is going to happen for a whole week.You can catch the “Walking Dead” now on AMC Sundays at 6:00 p.m.