Things to ponder

Things to ponder

 By Carly Bell Posted May 29, 2013

Isn’t it weird that we have never seen our faces unless it’s in a reflection or a camera?

If it were the medieval ages, who would your parents set you up to marry?

How would you handle yourself if you swallowed your tongue?

Who are you?

What if your imaginary friend were actually a ghost, and when you stopped believing in him, they disappeared to someone who would talk to them?
A world without McDonald’s……

When a male is elected president, his wife is called the First Lady. What would a lady’s husband be called if she were elected President?

If there’s a zombie apocalypse and everyone becomes a zombie, can we not eat each other and build a peaceful zombie community?

Why doesn’t Nascar mix it up and go the other way for once?

If we French kiss, what do French people do?

What do messages look like when they are flying through the air?

What if you’re actually dying right now and what you are seeing is the flashbacks of your life?

If you had x-ray vision but closed your eyes, could you still see?

What would the U.S. be like if Abraham Lincoln never got shot?

What if pigs can fly, they just choose to keep that superpower a secret?

Where’s the Chap Stick?

Why is red, red?

Can you smell a temperature?

Did that really just happen?

How did diseases even come to be? Don’t you get them from one person? So where did that person get them from? Where did it all originate?

If you’re in a vehicle going at the speed of light, what happens when you turn on the headlights?

If you can’t drink and drive, why do you need a driver’s license to buy liquor, and why do bars have parking lots?

How does the guy who drives the snowplow get to work in the mornings?

If 7-11 is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, why are there locks on the doors?