Valentine song dedications

Valentine song dedications

By Taylor LaTray Posted February 15, 2012

Valentine’s day is a day for relationships to bloom and show their love. For families to grow closer and just a plain happy day. Many had wishes they would like to get out and words they need to say. Here’s our Valentine tribute.

Savannah Montero, You’re perfectly amazingly awesome and the most beautiful. From Jeremiah Maestrejuan

Daniel Mahon, You are my sunshine, Happy Valentine’s day From Savannah Ingram

Christian Dawson, I love you baby, with all my heart. From Chelsea Baker

Talia Castaneda, I love you baby, forever and always From Fergi Herrera

Harlie Coney, You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me, because of you the move to Nevada was totally worth it. From Trenton Smith

Jordyn Ward, hey you’re beautiful. I love you, stay amazing babe. From Kelvin Meza

Bret Hammon, From Carina Ruiz

Nicky Ty, I’m the boss, your the slave, and I guess I love you:) From Taylor LaTray

Candace Comeau, I feel like we can communicate with a look From Cortni Welch

Rachel Sigurdson, From Matt Jones

Danny C, Ayeo Babe! Love you:) From Charlea Ray

Hannah Etcheverry, From Danny Klassen

Sydney Sundahl, Til’ were dust Miss Syndie Lynn, I love you. From Van D

Brandon Bequette, Happy Valentine’s Day. From Ronni Hutchings

Anna Gutierrez, I’m sorry for all the immature actions I’ve done. I don’t want to lose you, I love you with all I’ve got. From Omar Villa

Chris Dendary, Happy Valentine’s day to the handsome guy I’m lucky to call mine. From Sammantha LaTray

Alyssa Dendary, Happy Valentines Day! From, Austin Jenkins

Tyler Benson, Tyler, I love you! 🙂 <3 your best friend From Taylor Jimenez

Maeve Donovan, Ahh Rookie, what to say? Well, Cardinal, and to many more! From Tanner Lecumberry

And that’s what Valentine’s all about folks.

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