Valentine’s Day: It’s only good for the chocolate

By Rylee Mathis Posted February 6, 2013

Is Valentine’s Day necessary? Why do we need a special day to celebrate love for another? That’s why we have anniversaries. Valentine’s Day is just a special day to remind lonely people that they will never find love; well the probability of finding love one day is slim. Not to sound too mean. I’m not necessarily against Valentine’s Day but I kind of feel like it should be banned.

Why remind the people who are forever alone that they are still alone? Like some poor person has to be reminded every year, on this ‘special’ day, that they may never find love.

In high school, young couples buy one another items as a way of expressing their love. It’s like gloating about the fact that you have a lover. But suppose that this may be an everyday thing because the rules on PDA in high schools are NEVER obeyed. And I would consider the public display of affection another way of gloating.

What about lonely high school teachers? These very lonely people have to be reminded every year on February 14 that they don’t have someone to buy things for or love or kiss or embrace. Thus probably causing them to go into a deep state of depression but I must point out that there are medications for depression and I’m pretty sure they could go to counseling or something along those lines. The older teachers though at this point are a little late on finding love. But they have feelings too. Seeing these people sad because they have learned to face the reality of being alone for eternity makes my heart hurt, just a little bit though not too much. So I feel like the holiday should be banned.

The reason for having an anniversary is to celebrate your love, your continuous love for somebody. You don’t need two days every year or more. I mean some people out there feel that they need to celebrate an anniversary every week or every month or sometimes both! It’s uncalled for in my opinion. It’s absolutely absurd.

The holiday in my eyes is only good for receiving oodles and oodles of chocolate. That’s the only good thing about Valentine’s Day. I could be the only person who feels this way, but I really don’t care much (not to sound negative). But I enjoy chocolate, A LOT of chocolate. It truly is an amazing thing.