Wyatt’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: Foo Fighters

Wyatt’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: Foo Fighters

By Wyatt Lester Posted February 6, 2013

This issue’s Hall of Fame pick is Foo Fighters, an American band from Seattle, Washington, that dates back to their debut in 1995. Lead by frontman Dave Grohl on guitar and vocals, this band has held a large portion of credit in the shaping of today’s rock and roll scene. Grohl had past experience having been the drummer for the famous grunge band, Nirvana.

The group has had success all around the world selling out tours across America, Europe, South America, and Asia. Their popularity has spanned from the late 90s until this day releasing multiple studio albums each with their own jewels of songs. Grammy, VMA, and AMA awards are in excess in the band’s trophy room having dominated the top of the charts for so long and they are still rolling along putting out great music and phenomenal tours.

With a sound that carried over from Dave Grohl’s Nirvana days, the band came together to create a post-grunge hard rock sound that fit in with the music of the time. It’s a mix of Nirvana’s heavy guitar loops and a similar sound to Sunny Day Real Estate. Their most popular tracks include “Everlong”, “The Pretender”, “Times like these”, and “Learn to fly”.

Their mix of Chris Shiflett’s intricate guitar skill and Pat Smear’s heavily distorted power rhythm guitar keeps balance for the listener’s ears. With Taylor Hawkins insane drumming and Nate Mendel’s spot on bass playing the band is complete in all areas. The group is solid all the way up to their frontman Dave Grohl, the musical genius behind the band’s success. This has only helped them with gathering such a large audience and keeping their tracks on the airwaves.

Recently they released their award-winning seventh studio album, “Wasting Light” with songs on the album like “Rope”, “Walk”, and “Bridge Burning”. It was a huge success and sold-out shows all over the world.

The group has been involved in relief programs around the world including the 2011 Japanese tsunami relief, the Haitian relief festival, and cancer benefits around America. Their activism has kept them in other spotlights besides musical greatness and it goes to show that they use their fame for the better.