Varsity baseball faces obstacles before the playoffs

Varsity baseball faces obstacles before the playoffs

By Justin Albright Posted April 26, 2013

On April 19 and 20, the Varsity baseball team faced off against Elko in three of the most important games of the year. The Bucks had to win two out of the three games in order to win the Ruby Mountain League.

For the first game of the series, the Bucks quickly fell behind the eight ball, as Elko came out swinging. The Bucks had a rough day on defense and offense, and that led to the 18-1 loss.

The Bucks had two games against Elko on April 20, as they were hoping to finish out the series with two wins to secure the league title, but yet that hope quickly turned into sadness as the Bucks couldn’t get anything going in any of the innings as they suffered two more heartbreaking losses, 13-7 and 19-7.

“They physically and mentally played better than us, we just weren’t there. That is not the team I’ve seen all season,” said junior, Tytin Johnson.

Despite the rough weekend against Elko, the Bucks are still going to the playoffs. Lowry finishes out the season against Lovelock, and Battle Mountain as they hope to improve their skills to make a run at the school’s first baseball state championship. ·

“We have to work on the three pillars. We have to catch, we have to hit, and we have to run,” said senior, Michal Arenas.