Varsity boy’s prepare for the upcoming season

Varsity boy’s prepare for the upcoming season

By Alexis Galarza

This year the boys varsity basketball team is being coached by Mr. Jesse Zamudio. Previously the boys were coached by Nate Green. With a new coach, the boys have had to learn a new approach to the sport. 

Kasyn Garner a senior, is excited about this season. 

“My favorite part about playing basketball is the pace of the game and I enjoy the sport a lot,” said Garner. 

Garner is not concerned about the change in coaching and is willing to learn a new approach. 

“The difference between the coaches is the goals that he has as a whole and what Zamudio is pushing us to do,” said Garner. “The coaches just have different goals.” 

Coach Zamudio is most excited about the competitiveness and fun basketball brings. 

“I expect the season to be fun and productive,” said Zamudio. “I believe that we will be competitive and exciting to watch.”

They are working a lot on dribbling and passing as well as communication. According to ReiCyan Grau, there is a lot of team chemistry.

“My personal improvement goal is to be able to drive my left hand and not be so negative about myself when I mess up,“ said Grau.

Zamudio is also prepared for any challenge that may arise. 

“Without challenges and adversity there would be little growth,” said Zamudio. “We have done much talking about turning challenges into opportunities, and I believe this team will accept challenges head-on.” 

This year’s team consists of juniors Angus Boyles, Matthew Casalez, Trevor Crawford, Kayd Garner, ReiCyan Grau, Zaquery Growcock, Jaden Jimenez, Connor Nelson and Austin White; and seniors Jack DeLong, Kasyn Garner, Anthony Guzman and Dempsey Jenkins. Manager Byron Jimenez.