Varsity Wrestling rolls through Rollie Lane

By Justin Albright Posted January 12, 2013

On January 4 and 5, the Lowry Buckaroo wrestling team took the five-hour trip up north to Boise, Idaho in hopes of continuing their constant streak of dominance, and also hoping to win the tournament for the second year in a row. The Bucks not only had to deal with the roughness of wrestling, but they also had to deal with -11 degree weather on their bus ride home.

“The bus ride was really good team bonding, thankfully I had brought a lot of socks,” said junior Jed Johnson.

The Bucks finished 8th at Rollie Lane, the Bucks worked really hard and found out what they need to improve on.

“We really worked hard, but there’s always room for improvement,” said Johnson.

Now as the wrestlers are starting their hunt for their 5th straight state championship, the Bucks plan to work harder than ever in hopes of reaching their ultimate goal.

“Working harder and practicing harder will help us to win another state championship,” said Johnson.

The Bucks’ next match takes place as they travel to Spring Creek on January 11, in hopes of continuing their unbeaten match streak to 59.