Venzor takes home title

Venzor takes home title

By Taylor LaTray, Posted February 1, 2014

Skills USA recently attended a welding competition in Elko, sending their best welders to test their abilities. Three of Lowry’s welders were able to place, taking the competition by storm. An automotive competition was also held in the Reno area. However, none from Lowry were able to take home a title. Although, Michael Venzor was content with his win in Elko.

“I need to work on TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas), which is new for me, as well as the written test. The competition required a mix of skills with a test on oxy-fuel cutting. I did decently, but state will be the real challenge,” said Venzor.

Michael Venzor showed off his talent taking home the gold by winning first place. Fellow Lowry students were also close behind with Ariano Aguilar taking 5th and Mark Schmidt just ahead with 4th place.

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