What does your clothing say about you?

By Dain Maher Posted March 11, 2014

As we walk the halls of the school, many of us check out what others are wearing as they walk by. We see all sorts of different styles, fashions, and colors. Some of these styles appeal to us and influence the way we dress, and some styles turn us off to the notion of ever wearing something so awful.

The brands we choose to wear are usually a very personal choice, though oftentimes the clothing we choose to show off is heavily influenced by the “in” styles at school or what everybody else is wearing. If we think about it, everybody has a favorite brand and they usually love to show it off to the world.

Brands, unusually, can tell us enough about a person to know whether we would get along well with them or not. For example, if someone is wearing Vans, we would most likely infer that that person likes to skate or hang out with a crowd that enjoys those kinds of activities. Another person with Nike splashed across their clothes probably enjoys sports and the crowd associated with sports.

Clothing brands in their basic form accomplish two things: they tell other people who we are, and they provide free advertising for the company that makes the clothing. So the question is: What is your clothing saying about you?