What Not to Watch: The Pro Bowl

What Not to Watch: The Pro Bowl

By Nic Velasquez Posted January 27, 2012

Imagine all of the best NFL stars on two separate teams playing against each other in Hawaii. Sounds awesome right? Well, it’s actually the most pointless, boring, and rigged game of the entire NFL season.

Every year the fans vote online for the best players of the year for the Pro Bowl by position. The top-voted players are invited to play in Hawaii one week before the Super Bowl. There are multiple reasons that this game is very disappointing to the fans. The rules for the game differ from any regular game.

They are stripped of all of the fun tactics that happens during a game like you can’t call shifts or motions on offense, no blitzing, and no press coverage. All the changes to the rules just make for a disappointing game for fans when they could make a very entertaining game for obvious reasons. There are also small things that don’t let the players play how they normally would. You are required to run a 4-3 defense, which means four linemen and three linebackers. This forces some players to play differently than they usually would if they ran a different style of defense.

Overall the Pro Bowl is a big excuse for NFL players to go to Hawaii after a long season of doing what they get overpaid to do. It is like a giant two-hand touch football game. I really recommend you save yourself the time and do not watch this if you are a fan of actual football.

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