What to watch: ‘11.22.63’

By Peyton Capellen Posted February 9, 2018

Based around the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States, “11.22.63” is a thrilling science fiction mini series on Hulu. The story was originally a book by Stephen King and the director of the series is none other than J.J. Abrams. When these two names are in the same sentence you know it’s gotta be good. The main character is also another star by the name of James Franco who is normally seen in comedies and movies that aren’t too serious, but he pulls off his character fantastically.

The show begins in the present (2016) where Jake (James Franco) is a high school English teacher. His longtime friend and owner of an old 60s diner Al unexpectedly has developed cancer and does not have long to live. He shows Jake “the rabbit hole”, basically a portal that takes him back to the year 1961. Al wants Jake to finish the mission he failed to complete. He needs Jake to go back to 1961 to prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Jake has two years to figure out who assassinated the president and how he is going to stop him. The job won’t be easy especially because the past doesn’t like being changed and when Jake does something that changes the past the past does something to him.

The show always keeps you wondering what will happen next. It packs action, drama, and love all into one story. The series that consists of eight episodes, all about fifty minutes long actually debuted in February 2016. It did not receive much recognition sadly as it was and still is only available on Hulu.