What to Watch: ‘Act of Valor’

By Brody Goucher Posted January 26, 2013

‘Act of Valor’ is an action thriller that was very well made and was one of the hottest movies in 2012. The movie was made by actual highly-trained Navy Seals which adds to the vibe of the movie and makes it feel more real.

The movie starts out with a special unit of Navy Seals sneaking into a high security encampment to rescue a CIA agent. While they are in the camp they discover a global terrorist threat that they must stop. The main villain, Christo, he is a smuggler who is working with a terrorist named Shabal to sneak in explosive vests into the US.

The movie takes place in many foreign places such as Somalia, Mexico and the Ukraine. In many of the scenes live ammunition was even used to add to the film. While the acting was not the best because of Navy Seals starring in the movie, the movie was still very entertaining.