What to Watch: ‘Arrival’

By Peyton Capellen Posted December 2, 2016

The movie “Arrival” hit theatres on November 11 and has since racked up great reviews. IMBD rated it an 8.4 out of 10 and Rotten Tomatoes rated the movie at 94% out of 100. This is a must see for the lovers of sci-fi films.

It all begins when a number of alien spacecrafts land in various places across the planet. Their “language” is incomprehensible to the human race. The main character Louise an expert linguist played by Amy Adams is brought in. She may be the planet’s last hope as she is the only one who has a chance at cracking their large and complex language and finding out what they want on planet Earth before it is too late.

Co-stars of the movie include Jeremy Renner and Forest Whitaker.

The movie is full of unsuspected twists and turns that will leave you on the edge of your seat and keep you guessing until the very last second.

The movie has not yet arrived at our local theater yet.