Performer of the Week: Olivia Silva

By Ale Ibarra Posted December 2, 2016

This varsity cheer team has been been doing nothing but improving this season, according to coach Cherese Fifield. Fifield was proud of one of the squad members in particular and that person was Olivia Silva. She is a senior and is one of the varsity cheer captains.

“Olivia does anything and everything that’s asked of her and always has a positive attitude,” said Fifield.

Silva also is eager to help others when they need it. “She’s willing to help anybody and everybody; she’s always right there. She’s my go-to,” said Fifield.

Some goals coach Fifield has for the overall cheer squad is to get the crowd more involved as well.

“We could improve on our stunting, involve the crowd more on the chants that we do. That’s something we don’t do here at Lowry; they don’t chant back with us. I would like for them to start getting the crowd more involved,” said Fifield.