What to Watch: ‘The Polar Express’

By Nick Petty Posted December 1, 2016

As you well are very well aware, the holidays are here. In these hectic days as you are retrieving and receiving gifts, a break is needed. So sit down and relax as I tell you why you should watch this movie with your family and friends.

“The Polar Express”, which stars Tom Hanks, is a fun movie with a lot of Christmas elements to get you hyped and in the holiday spirit. The movie is about a boy who is in search the truth and self-discovery, to see if the infamous myth about the existence of Santa Claus true. His opinionated mindset takes him on an adventure to the North Pole by train and it is a journey to remember. Along the way, he makes a few friends who help him and their beliefs get them through all the trials they must face.

The director Robert Zemeckis hoped that this would become a Christmas classic, especially for families with young children. Robert Zemeckis wanted this movie to mean something as well, “Seeing is believing”.

That quote is used in the movie quite often, the wonders of life will never fade as long as you believe.