What to Watch: Cowboys v. Giants

By Wyatt Lester Posted September 5, 2012

Football season is upon us and the NFL regular season kicks off Wednesday night with a match-up between the Dallas Cowboys and the SuperBowl champions the New York Giants. This weekend holds 13 Sunday matchups and two Monday night games.

This season will have many new and more interesting team programs that will change the outcome of the champion this year. Usually, the draft puts out a few athletes that really add to a few different teams’ strengths, but this year the draft spat out a large amount of over-the-top players. The draft permitted many new players that have the ability to start immediately and will put a test to the standard NFL player.

These rookies will bring needed talent to many cities and may change the way their team is represented. Rookies such as Heisman winner Robert Griffin III, who played QB at Baylor University, will represent a more athletic pool of players. Andrew Luck, Trent Richardson, LaMichael James, and Justin Blackmon: Those are a few names of many that will create an interesting season for a handful of teams.

 If anything, this year will change up the dynasties of many long-time top teams. It will be interesting to see this year play out.