What to Watch: ‘Workaholics’

By Wyatt Lester Posted February 8, 2013

Workaholics kicked off again on January 16 and the trio is back with plenty of laughs. This is the third season of the Comedy Central show and has had a large amount of hype leading up to the premier and the hype was easily met.  

If you haven’t seen “Workaholics” it’s a show about three young adults (Blake, Adam, and Anders) who live in Rancho Cucamonga (a suburb of Los Angeles) and work for a telemarketing company called “Telemericorp”.

The hilarious group lives for the weekend and is always getting into some sort of blunder or adventure around work or at home. It’s fur-sure the best show on television. If you love to laugh to the point where you cry then you’ll have to watch this show.

You can catch “Workaholics” on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. on Comedy Central.