Are women better parents than men?

Are women better parents than men?

By Taylor LaTray Posted February 6, 2013

Typically both parents want to view themselves as the ‘better’ parent. Each child/parent mixture is a completely different case and it’s hard to determine which parent is better, and universally, which gender is typically the better parent. It is believed in most relationships that men are just as good as women in the area of educating and taking care of children. I believe in most cases, not all, a woman is a better parent due to the natural instinct of motherhood and their familiarization with caring for children.

“Women are better parents. Women are more compassionate and understanding while a father is more protective. It is important that a child does have both parents, especially good ones,” said Mr. Andrew Meyer.

It’s just in a women’s nature to know how to nurture and take care of a child, especially since before the active care begins they are carrying the baby around for nine months, creating a bond that no man can experience. Women are gentler and more tolerable than men and that can benefit their parenting greatly. A man may love a child just as much as a woman but they can never experience the link between a mother and their child.

“Personally I believe both parents are equal. Parenting is a 5050 responsibility. Nurturing wise mothers are more important and play a large role, however, it’s a whole family commitment to raise a child,” said Ms. Courtney Rorex.

According to the 1992 March Current Population Survey in the United States, conducted by the US Census Bureau, 86% of custodial parents are mothers. Further, many of the noncustodial fathers who have agreed to pay child support, either voluntarily or via court order, default on their commitment or become “deadbeat dads.”

Men of course play a huge role in their child’s life and all children deserve both of their parents to care for them. In some cases, the dad is the main parent and also the better parent. But in general, there is no other love like a mother’s love.

“Women are the better parents. Women have to be stern but also be Disneyland. They understand the emotions of their kids better and are able to give successful advice with their maternal instinct,” said Ms. Michelle Eldodt.

A mother is not only a better parent as a human but also for animals. It is believed that the maternal instinct is hard-wired to the brain and this is the reason for the feminine gender to typically be a better parent than a man. You are not a father just because you produced a child, you’re only a father if you’re present in your child’s life helping to raise him/her.