Where are they now: The class of 2021

Where are they now: The class of 2021

By Allison Green Posted June 9, 2022

Time flies by when you are having a good time and for the graduating class of 2021, it seems like it has been a long time since then. Many students have planned their future prior to leaving high school and have become very successful because of it. No matter what career path you choose, a good mindset will always get you to where you want to be in life.

Lauren Fentress is attending the college of UNR and has joined a sorority and became a teacher’s aide for an on-campus preschool.

“College is great,” said Fentress. “I have not only met such great people but also had the opportunity to work towards my career goals. I joined a sorority and was elected as the director of financial operations. I have loved college and all the amazing opportunities I have gained while being here.”

Kayleen Urain began her journey at the Great Basin College and then furthered her education to fulfill her education of becoming a DMD at Truckee Meadows Community College.

“It has helped me in many ways, one being that I am allowing myself to focus on my own personal goals, knowing I am paving my own road,” said Urain. “Starting my journey at GBC during high school, I am currently taking classes at TMCC and will eventually transfer out of state for dental school.”

Bailee Brinkerhoff jumped right into her college career and already completed her mandatory classes at Great Basin College then progressed her career to a Carrington dental hygiene school. 

“Life after high school has been pretty smooth,” said Brinkerhoff. “Moving in the right direction in becoming a dental hygienist. Yes, I was already prepared for what was coming after high school and jumped right into my college classes and now I have already completed the first year of my basic classes.”

Adam Dossey is pursuing his career by attending the Reno Police Cadet Program. He has also found a job as security for Renown and plans to apply for upcoming college courses.

“I ended up moving to Reno and got a job for security at Renown,” said Dossey. “I haven’t started school yet but I’m going to this upcoming semester at TMCC. I’m also in the Reno Police Cadet Program to get familiar with policing because that’s what I want to pursue as of right now.”

Rudy Leeth has fulfilled his plan, he has taken courses in the Diesel mechanic program and has completed his first year in the program. He also planned ahead of time in order to manage his career path.

“My plan after high school was moving to Reno and going to TMCC for the Diesel mechanic program,” said Leeth. “For two years and either going to work for a contractor or going to the mines once I graduate.”